Restore Wellness with Hormone Replacement Therapy

What Is The Goal Of Hormone Replacement Therapy?The aging process is hard on your body. Your hormone levels can easily become unbalanced as you get older. With age, sex hormone levels drop and cause unpleasant symptoms.

With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Revive Wellness Group can restore feelings of youthfulness using naturally structured hormones. Keep reading to learn what BHRT can do for your health.

Symptoms of Hormone Problems

Some signs of hormone imbalances are written off as normal parts of the aging process. However, you don’t have to feel run-down and worn out. Low sex hormone levels can get in the way of your happiness and health.

Some common signs of age-related hormone problems include:

  • Hair loss
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido
  • Problems with sexual performance
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Hot flashes
  • Weight gain
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Slow wound healing

These symptoms can prevent you from keeping up with your loved ones. If you want to restore wellness and balance to your life, hormone replacement therapy can help. By replacing these important hormones, you can feel stronger and more energetic each day.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

At Revive Wellness Group, we offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for optimal health and wellness. We use hormone replacement pellets to keep your sex hormone levels where they need to be.

Bioidentical hormones mimic the chemical structure of your body’s natural hormones. This makes our hormone pellet therapy an effective, natural solution to age-related hormone problems. As your body processes the hormones, symptoms will start to improve.

You don’t have to worry about frequent appointments or maintenance procedures. The pellets slowly release the hormones into your body over three to six months.

You can expect to see an improvement in your symptoms without having to do anything special. Most patients only need two to four appointments each year for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Natural Hormone Pellets

We implant a hormone pellet that is barely bigger than a grain of rice. This pellet infuses bioidentical hormones into your body slowly over the course of a few months. The pellets we use are created in a sterile environment and are backed by extensive research. With natural hormones, the pellets restore balance and wellness to your life.

Pellets are the best option for hormone replacement therapy because of their convenience. After implantation, you don’t have to do anything to maintain them. Every few months, you can come in for a replacement pellet. The appointment takes 10 to 15 minutes, and patients can return to normal activities immediately afterward.

When Will I Start Feeling Better?

After we implant the pellet into your body, you will likely feel an improvement in your symptoms within 48 hours. For some patients, it takes a week or two to feel better. You might notice that you have more energy, improved mood, and increased sexual desire.

It doesn’t take long to experience total health and wellness rejuvenation with hormone pellets.

Men’s Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Men’s testosterone levels drop as they age. If you are a middle-aged man and experience tiring symptoms, you may need testosterone replacement. Our hormone pellet options contain bioidentical testosterone to rejuvenate your health and wellness. Men’s HRT can improve your sexual wellness, physical health, and mood.

If you want to experience better performance in the bedroom, testosterone pellets could be just what you need. Many men report increased satisfaction with their sex lives after getting testosterone replacement therapy.

Along with sexual rejuvenation, BHRT improves your ability to shed fat and gain muscle. Testosterone plays a big role in building muscle mass and preventing fat gain in your midsection.

You can expect increased athletic performance and a more toned figure after hitting the gym consistently. BHRT also boosts your energy levels for better gym performance as well.

Women’s Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women need two important sex hormones for optimal health and wellness: estrogen and progesterone. These hormones complement one another in BHRT to provide health benefits after menopause. Our hormone pellets contain estradiol, the building block for estrogen in your body.

With hormone replacement therapy, many women report mood improvements, better quality sleep, and increased energy. Women’s HRT can also improve your sex life and make intimacy easier for you and your partner. You can enjoy your romantic life again with these natural hormone pellets.

Mood swings are a common symptom of women’s hormone imbalances. With bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, you could experience mood stabilization and feel more like yourself. You will likely experience fewer mood swings and feel more composed.

Weight gain and difficulty losing fat also indicate women’s hormone problems. With women’s HRT, your weight loss journey can be more successful. Many women lose abdominal fat more easily during hormone replacement therapy.

For total women’s health rejuvenation, consider our BHRT in the form of pellets. You can use prescription creams or other forms of progesterone to balance your sex hormones during HRT.

Custom HRT in Perrysburg, OH

We customize your hormone pellet dosages based on your current levels. We draw labs to make sure your treatment plan will produce optimal health results for you. Based on your lab results, we curate the perfect hormone dosage for your natural hormone pellets.

At Revive Wellness Group, we take the time to care for each patient individually. We will meet with you and discuss your medical history and health goals. Our providers see each patient as an individual and not just a number.

If you want to rejuvenate your health and relieve age-related hormone symptoms, come to Revive Wellness Group in Perrysburg, OH. Book an appointment for BHRT today!

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