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We take considerable pride ensuring our patients receive the highest standard of care while delivering natural results that are nothing short of exceptional.  Whether you walk through our doors looking for a natural approach to enhance your health and physical wellbeing, facial rejuvenation for a more youthful appearance, or a complete head-to-toe transformation, the entire Revive Wellness team is here to guide you every step of the way!

Dr. Wilson-Sobb

Dr. Jessica Wilson-Sobb, MD is a board certified emergency medicine physician with over 20 years experience. She decided to make a career move from ER to Wellness. From her own experience with the effects of aging, Dr. Wilson-Sobb realized that there are many people who suffer from similar problems, but it wasn’t often discussed in the open and there there were very few places that offered help. So, she and her partners started Revive Wellness Group.  Dr. Wilson-Sobb offers many attributes to the practice including her hands-on involvement with patients to an extensive and dedicated commitment to continuous training and education. Her passion to help you maximize your inner and outer wellbeing is unsurpassed.

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Lisa Diekman

Dr. Lisa Diekman, DNP APRN is a Nationally Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with a focus on family and internal medicine with over 15 years of experience. Several of those years were spent in trauma as an emergency and flight nurse with many certifications and licenses. Although she possesses a strong trauma background, she has always been interested in overall wellness, for both men and women. She  dedicated the completion of her Doctorate Degree to further her research and studies in the field of hormonal balance and many other approaches of creating and maintaining wellness. She is devoted to enhancing your quality of life and her medical career is based upon her passion to help people achieve such goals. Along with her partners at Revive Wellness Group, she will focus on devising a plan to enhance your health and wellness that can be tailored to your specific desires and needs.


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"Dr. Lisa Diekman is absolutely fabulous. I entered the weight loss program nervous and wondering if this would work for me. Dr. Diekman was so nice and made me feel comfortable and confident she was going to have the right program for me. And she nailed it.."

— Amber M

"Menopause left me with hot flashes, decreased energy, I was irritable, & I had absolutely no sex drive. BHRT changed all of that & I no longer suffer from the symptoms of menopause. The procedure is quick & the staff is amazing!."

— Angela A,
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